Rebuild friendliness with the environment to relieve disaster risks

The monsoon reaches the doorstep of the home of Myanmar. Wither trees facing high temperature of summer are hoping the raindrops of monsoon to be able to thrive for contributing to greening the environment.
A Myanmar saying goes: A shade of tree gives shelter to flocks of birds. It is just a metaphor for the important role of trees. If there are a large number of trees, these will be shelters for flocks of birds in a real situation. So also, these trees, as well as forests, will sustain the living world with the supply of food, clothing and shelter which are the most basic needs for all living beings.
It is necessary to constantly sustain the world of living beings, biodiversity and ecosystem. Animals, microorganisms and human beings are interrelated with one another in the ecosystem. Everybody is responsible for the further improvement of the world they reside. In so doing, they all need to plant trees to the creation of favourable climatic conditions for the environment.
Reciprocally, fine weather much depends on forests where biodiversity takes position. It is because forests and trees can adjust the weather of the environment. If not, all living beings may face deforestation, extinction of biodiversity species, the outbreak of forest fire, damage to forest plantations, falling of pests, loss of habitation or wildlife, degeneration of plant species, and irregularity of nature of plants and wildlife.
People from various countries of the world have been encountering natural disasters such as dryness, bad weather, forest fire, flooding and inundation, and the outbreak of strange diseases for many years. Moreover, global warming melts glaziers from the poles, leaving catastrophes which harm societies of the living beings. Indeed, the global warm was triggered by the loss of forest areas logged to reclaim the urban areas for the residence of a growing number of the people and expand the industrial areas and log the plants to extract natural resources.
In realization of the chains of climatic conditions, it is necessary to nurture trees to develop the forests. If so, the weather will be fine. Truly, the forests can remedy the air pollution to be better in the atmosphere, especially by cleaning the carbon dioxide emission from industries. Now, human beings gradually become victims of environmental degradation.
As such, all human beings need to rebuild friendliness with the environment by growing trees and mitigating various pollutions in the society to be free from situations of encountering the impacts of natural disasters.

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