Daily aviation transport of MoU workers continues

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Myanmar MoU workers were sent to Thailand by air for the first time.

At the end of last month, MoU workers were sent to Thailand by air as the first batch, and the conveyance continued on a daily basis, according to an official from Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation (MOEAF).
In the past, the conveyance of workers was made through the Myawady and Kawthoung borders, but now air travel has been used to shorten the journey.
“MoU workers have been sent daily to Thailand by air. Around 200 workers have been sent by one or two planeloads a day. In the past, we dispatched about 700-800 workers through Myawady, but now we’re just able to send about 200, which makes it a little difficult. Royal Thai Embassy has made some restrictions on visas, so we could send a lot if they make some relaxation,” he said.

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Myanmar MoU workers were sent to Thailand by air for the first time.

Myanmar agencies- Hein Myint Myat Company Limited, Human Wave Company Limited, Moon Bean Services Company Limited, Yun Nadi Oo Company Limited, Htoo Thit Zae Company Limited, An Emissary for Myanmar Employer Agency Company Limited and Pwint Phoo Aung Company Limited provided the first batch sending of new Myanmar MoU workers by air.
The first batch sent on 29 April included 116 male workers and 130 female workers, totalling 246, and they arrived at Don Mueang Airport from Yangon Airport by MAI and Air Asia Airlines.
“Since the first batch on 29 April, the worker conveyance has been made on a regular basis,” he added.
In the past, Myanmar workers were despatched to Thailand through the Yangon-Myawady route and Yangon-Kawthoung-Ranong route, which made them tired, and because of it, officials of the two countries made an agreement on using air travel through negotiations, an official from MOEAF told The Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM). — MT/ZS/ED

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