Shape Chin State to be peaceful, stable and prosperous


The day 20th February is the 74th Anniversary of Chin State Day which is significant and auspicious for all Chin ethnics residing in Chin State and other various regions of the nation.
A public conference held in Falam of Chin State decided to change the Saopha administration to the democratic administration system on 20 February 1948. Honouring a great change of administrative system, Chin State Day was set on 20 February.
Chin State is endowed with natural resources such as the Kaladan River, the Natma Hill, the Khonuamthung Hill, the Kennedy Peak, the beautiful Reed Lake, the streaming Manipur River, the Bwenu River and the Bungtla Waterfall.
British colonialists occupied the whole of Myanmar in 1885 and separately ruled the hilly and plain areas. The Chin ethnic people who did not wish to accept the colonial rule in the aggressive occupation of foreigners cooperated with other ethnic nationals in wading out the colonialists. In history, Chin national leaders Bo Kyum Bik and Bo Khai Kam showed off their brilliant patriotic spirit.
As honorary examples, ethnic leaders such as U Hlur Hmung, U Thawng Za Khup and U Kio Mang, who signed the Panglong Agreement on 12 February 1947, expressed the genuine Union spirit of Chin State.
All ethnic national people residing in the Union through thick and thin sharing the future altogether need to safeguard the State in all aspects through the genuine patriotic spirit. If so, the country will be perpetually peaceful and prosperous with development, standing tall among the global countries.
Now is the time to ensure peace and development of the Union through the genuine patriotic spirit and harmoniously cooperate with each other in building the Union based on democracy and federalism in accord with the aspiration of the people.
People from Chin State need to strive for the emergence of educated persons on whom the state and local people can rely. Those educated persons need to initiate the development of Chin State in all aspects. They should lead the local people in the improvement of their socio-economic life.
To do so, Chin State needs to restore peace and tranquillity. If so, the whole area will be prosperous for future generations of the state. Let’s all the ethnic national people in Chin State make utmost efforts for the creation of good environs for the people!

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