Take care of bio-security for the prevention of terrible diseases

The planet Earth is a habitat not only for human beings but for a large number of species of animals. As human beings and animals are inseparable in their habitats, communicable diseases spread to each other unavoidably.
Some human-borne diseases and animal-borne diseases caused the outbreak of pandemics and plaques throughout the world. In successive eras, aforesaid diseases often menace mankind. According to the data, some 75 per cent of terrible diseases were based on animals infecting humans within the past 20 years.
Indeed, the root causes of the outbreak of zoonosis are the growing population across the world, the travelling of global peoples and distribution of commodities throughout the world in a short time, environmental degradation, climate change and careless lifestyle in health conditions.
Zoonosis can be broken out in wildlife as well as tamed and pet animals. Zoonosis means the automatic infection of viruses from vertebrate animals to human beings. For example, the Covid-19 pandemic, SARS, MARS, avian influenza, swine flu, Ebola, Mpox and other terrible diseases came out from animals in the 20th century. Especially, even HIV/AIDS started infection from animals.
Virus from zoonosis infects human beings through various ways including respiratory routes, parasites, blood, saliva, uric and faeces of animals, skins and hair of animals, feeds, bites and scratching of animals. As such, everybody needs to take care of their lifestyle close to animals. A careless lifestyle with close relations with pets and other animals may cause infectious diseases in human beings.
Practically, wildlife animals, farming cattle and pet animals are important sources of communicable diseases to human beings but these animals cannot be set aside from society. So, everybody needs to take preventive measures against possibly communicable diseases. It is because, these animals must be avoidably bred to produce meat, milk, eggs and other products the human beings can consume.
However, authorities, businesspersons and ordinary people need to strictly manage animal farming tasks with the use of protective equipment not to infect themselves and others and not to carry viruses from one place to another. If so, infection of viruses from animals can be prevented to some extent.
Taking an invaluable lesson from the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, all global peoples should take high care of bio-security in operating animal farms as part of conserving wildlife and the natural environment not to cause terrible zoonosis again in the future while broadening the scope of health knowledge of the people in the society to be able to avoid suffering from diseases.

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