Tatmadaw in a national political leadership role


The State Administration Council has adopted nine objectives including three political objectives. One of them, the first political objective states “to build a Union based on democracy and federalism, through a disciplined and genuine multiparty democracy system that is fair and just”.
The Tatmadaw has deeply decided to ensure the emergence of genuine democracy in the country. Only when all public service personnel, civil society organizations and the entire people cooperate with the Tatmadaw in building the Union based on democracy and federalism, will they successfully taste the genuine democracy in a short period.
The Tatmadaw members are born of the people. Hence, they serve the interests of the State and the national people. The Tatmadaw which emerged in the independence struggle has been unavoidably participating in the role of national politics due to historical demand and national favour after the independence was regained.
Voting frauds happened in the previous general election with an attempt to forcibly shape the single-party dictatorship with derailment from the path of genuine democracy. These situations were very dangerous for the country. As such, the Tatmadaw declared the state of emergency in accord with the provisions of the 2008 Constitution for rebuilding the genuine democratic nation.
Peace and stability are of great importance in the development of the nation. Only when all the regions meet development in an equal term, will the trust be more firm. Only when the whole nation is peaceful and stable, will development tasks be undertaken for the country.
The State Administration Council, since its establishment, set an aim to restore the perpetual peace across the nation, adopting the political objectives including the point that “to emphasize the achievement of enduring peace for the entire nation in line with the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA). As such, the Union based on democracy and federalism can be built for realizing the aspiration of the ethnic national people.
All citizens need to forge the Union spirit for restoring perpetual peace in the entire nation. “Union Spirit” is a firm concept to recognize the whole Union as a family or a household. As wish to help each other, solve the problems, mutually cooperate with each other, sympathy and tolerance are nobly basic needs of the Union Spirit, those from the university need to participate in forging the Union Spirit as much as they can.


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