The Largest Pyu-era pagoda ever discovered at archaeological site in Myittha, Mandalay

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Invaluable new discoveries, including a Pyu-era temple, have been made at the ancient Pyu city of Pinle (Mongmaw) in Myittha township, Mandalay region.

After the trace of this ancient city was found by satellite photos in 1965, and field surveys excavations and research were carried out, this area was defined as a site of Pyu-era cultural heritage, leading to continuous archaeological activities starting from 1978-1979.

About a month ago, the Department of Archaeology and National Museum (Mandalay branch) commenced digging the Hill No. 22 in the ancient city for research purposes.

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“According to the excavation results, we have found a Pyu-era pagoda in Pinle (Mongmaw), that is 120 feet long, 90 feet wide and 17 feet high. We have never found such a large Pyu-era pagoda,” said an informed person.

The discovery of amazing burial urns painted in three colours is also an unprecedented finding, while a small silver Buddha image was found at the centre of the hill, he added.

“In the archaeological excavation of the ancient city of Pinle (Mongmaw), we have completed a total of 22 hills. But, there are a lot of damages in the discovered building debris due to the weak maintenance. Especially, as the ancient works found in Pinle (Mongmaw) are situated in the fields, they can disappear from the surface due to the effects of weather and animals unless they are protected with roofs and fences”, he commented.

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Therefore, only if roofs and fences, similar protective measures at the Hill No. 53 of Sri Ksetra ancient city, where over 400 burial urns have been conserved, can be applied to this new discovery, will invaluable cultural heritage be preserved for future generations, he said.

In addition, the ancient city of Pinle (Mongmaw) is also an added and treasured value to Pyu cultural links, and therefore, a site museum should be built to display archaeological materials found in this city, he suggested.


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