Travellers, pilgrims have chance to observe 11th century architectural works at Seinnyet Ama Temple in Bagan

Whenever they arrive in Bagan ancient cultural region in NyaungU Township of Mandalay Region, pilgrims and travellers can observe architectural works in 11th Century and mural paintings on the interior walls of Seinnyet Ama Temple as well as structures of double walls, according to the officials from the Bagan branch of Department of Archaeology and National Museum.
Seinnyet Ama Temple is located on old Bagan-Chauk road, south of Myinkaba Village, in Bagan ancient cultural region. Seinnyet Ama Temple takes position together with Seinnyet Nyima Temple in the same precinct of the double walls. These temples were built by two Seinnyet princesses in the 11th Century. But, architectural works prove that the temples might be built in the 13th Century. It is because the foundations of the temples are in a square shape, and four archways can be seen at the temples which are facilitated with a prayer archway on the east. Corners of the walls on the upper terraces are filled with Cetis, the passage to celestial beings and tip structures. Both temples are located in the double walls, and visitors can observe architectural works.
Seinnyet Nyima temple is situated east of Seinnyet Ama temple, Nagayon Pagoda, Apeyadana Pagoda and Manuha Pagoda in the north, Pyu Pagoda, East Phetleik, West Phetleik Pagoda in the south, and Kyaukmyethmaw, Soemingyi pagodas, Soemingyi brick monastery in the northwest. As such, pilgrims and travellers can observe 3,822 temples and stupas in different forms in the Bagan ancient cultural region.—Dipa Lin/TTA

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