Twins play for Shan United in Myanmar National League Week 11 match

The Yangon United vs Shan United match played this week was full of memories for the twins from Shan United, according to the team statement.
“The twin brothers – Zwe Khant Min and Zwe Htet Min – participated and played together on that day. Usually in previous matches, only one would be on the lineup, and the other one plays as the substitute.
“On our Saturday match, both brothers got their first opportunity to play together and this is the first time in the life of a senior team member,” team officials said.
“The younger twin, Zwe Htet Min got the best player award, bringing joy and honour to the team. With Zwe Khant Min playing centre back and Zwe Htet Min playing right back, both brothers played harmoniously and showed their potential,” Shan United officials stated on their official social media page.
Fans are invited to encourage the 23-year-old youths who boldly faced new challenges to their next achievements, Shan United officials continued. — GNLM

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