UID essential for people

By Aye Aye Moe Hlaing , Photo-Yin Oo (Dala)

Translated / KTZH

It is usual that whenever the era changes, the systems also change. I think the better change depends on the government and people of that era. The State Administration Council tries hard to transform into a digital system in accordance with international standards. In implementing an e-government system, the e-ID system is essential and also a key foundation for the development of the country.

e-ID system
e-ID system collects the biographic data and the biometric data of citizens aged 10 years and above residing in the country, associate citizens, naturalized citizens, permanent residence (PR) and permanent taxpayer foreigners and puts them in the database and then sets each unique ID number (Unique Identity) including 10 digits.
In other words, it is an ID card with 10 digits and it will save the Biometric data like ten fingerprints, facial features and iris patterns and personal information like name, father’s name, CSC card number, date of birth, blood type, phone number and address in the computer.

UID (Unique Identity)
The computer will generate 10 digits for every single person. The UID digit grant will not be concerned with the citizens/non-citizens but it will be granted to all residents living in the country including citizens aged 10 years and above residing in the country, associate citizens, naturalized citizens, permanent residents (PRs) and permanent taxpayers foreigners.
The experts of the Ministry of Immigration and Population, Tatmadaw, other ministries concerned and the Myanmar Computer Federation work together to transfer the data of citizens from paper to digital system. Moreover, over 52 million data in Naing-4 records and over 13 million household registration Form 66/6 have been put into the database with the help of region/state Chief Ministers, said Chairman of the e-ID System Work Committee Union Minister for Immigration and Population U Myint Kyaing.
Currently, the biometric data are being collected as per the prioritized groups and it already collected data of over seven million people until 10 August 2023. Among the UID number holders, the citizens and the eligible persons who are qualified to be citizens will be granted further National ID (NID) Smart Cards.

Objective of e-ID system
The Ministry of Immigration and Population issues UID (Unique Identity) under the e-ID system to the people aiming for the facilitation of socioeconomic enterprises, the establishment of a fundamental system to identify individuals while the government and private organizations operate online services for Unique ID that is the only way to scrutinize the people residing in Myanmar.
The Ministry of Immigration and Population grants UID (Unique Identity) under the e-ID system to ensure the interests of the country and promote the socio-economic status of its citizens.
Having the UID, the people can be examined that they are the residents of Myanmar, and being system access to e-government applications, they can easily apply for servicing businesses like education, health, SIM registration, banking and financial services, passport, driving licence and local worker identification card. Therefore, UID is essential for the public.

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