14th Thingyan donation of MMPO for film industry people

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Vice Chairperson U Aye Kyu Lay stated that there will be 14th Thingyan donation of Myanmar Motive Pictures Organization (MMPO) for the people from film industry and the donation things are rice, oil and food products.
It is reported that the donation will be offered from 3 to 6 April. U Aye Kyu Lay said, “We are offering 5-Pyi of rice, 1 Viss of cooking oil, 50 Kyatthar of chickpea and 2 cans of canned fish per one person as the annual Thingyan donation.”
It is also known that the mentioned donation will be offered to people from the different stratums of the film industry such as administration, distribution, scriptwriting, production, engineering, supporting. — ASH/ TRKM

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