YRTC issue statement that robbery on YBS 42 was false

The Yangon Region Transport Committee (YRTC) issued a report on 31 July that the news circulating on social media that about ten passengers were robbed of their gold and silver jewelry on YBS 42 on 30 July is false.
YRTC has announced that the robbery news on YBS 42 on 30 July 2022 is being spread on social media and that the content is false.
The news was released on 30 July that the robbery case was occurred on the YBS 42 running from Shwepyitha to Thakayta.
During that incident, a person who was present on the vehicle said that around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, about 15 people got into the bus at the same time. About ten passengers in the vehicle were held at the driver with a knife and robbed the passengers for gold and money.
He said on the social media that the robbers surrounded him but he was saying that he didn’t have a phone. There was no CCTVs and the No 42 bus line did not know whether they were working together with the drivers and the burglars.
It is known that the YBS 42 bus line is owned by Shwepyitha People’s Public Co Ltd, and it runs from Thadukan Industrial Zone to North Okkalapa, Aung Mingala Highway Bus Terminal and Thakayta.
This kind of incident happened only in 2021 and did not happen at all on 30 July. The car number 6P-6057 where the incident occurred is not on the YBS 42 line at all. It has been confirmed by an official from Shwepyitha People’s Public Co Ltd.
The company is responsible for running the YBS 42/65 bus lines.
The YBS 42 bus line is running 90 buses per day, and the YBS 65 bus line is running 100 buses per day, and the same line YBS 65 (YUPT) is running 60 buses per day.
Thus, two YBS companies are running up to 160 buses per day..—TWA/GNLM

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