More than 120 nests of endangered sarus cranes found in Ayeyawady Delta

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Nearly 130 nests of endangered sarus cranes have been found the Ayeyawady Delta, according to Wildlife Conservation Society (Myanmar).
“This achievement comes from the cooperation of the local people,” said U Thet Zaw Naing, of WCS, referring the dramatically increase in number of nests found last year and this year. The conservationists recorded 37 nests in 2016 in the same area and 128 in 2017.
Ornithologists from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) who are cooperating with the Forestry Department of Maubin University to protect endangered cranes discovered a large group of sarus cranes, which are considered nearly extinct, in wetlands in the Ayeyawady delta.
Groups of this species of crane have been found in Maubin, Pantanaw, Eainme and Wakema townships in the Ayeyawady delta. Previously thirty-seven sarus crane groups were recorded in Ayeyawady delta.
The population of Sarus cranes has declined not only in Myanmar but also around the world. Only 500 of these rare birds can now be found in Myanmar.

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