17th National Tripartite Dialogue Forum held via videoconferencing

Union Minister U Thein Swe (L) participates in 17th National Tripartite Dialogue Forum (NTDF) via videoconference on 11 September 2020. Photo : MNA

The Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population, in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO), organized the 17th National Tripartite Dialogue Forum (NTDF) through video conferencing which was taken part by the representatives of government, employers and employees yesterday afternoon. Union Minister U Thein Swe and Deputy Minister U Myint Kyaing, ILO Liaison officer Mr Donglin Li and representatives from ILO Yangon office, representatives of employees and employers participated in the forum. The forum aimed to work together to find ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease in factories and to ensure the safety of workers. The Union Minister said that although the discussions were focused on a labour-intensive region of Yangon, it would apply to factories, workplaces and industrial zones across the country and it would be implemented based on the findings of the discussion.
The Union Minister continued that 16th NTDF held on 23 June implemented the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan (CERP) to overcome the COVID-19 crisis and the tripartite representatives agreed to cooperate in the New Normal practice that would result from COVID-19. The ministry is implementing the four pillars of social work for the resolution—to revive the economic and employment sector based on the international labour standards in regard with the ILO’s COVID-19 crisis response, to provide support to the businesses and employments for their incomes and to protect workers in the workplace.
The Ministry of Health and Sports released a letter on 12 August to prohibit gathering of more than 30 people; the Yangon Region government, with the close supervision of its Ministry of Immigration and the Human Resources, led control measures of COVID-19 in collaboration with officials from General Administration Department, Factory and General Labour Laws Inspection Department and the Health Department as the spread of this disease occurred in Rakhine State in mid-August. The Union Minster said that he met with the business people of garment sector at UMFCCI office on 29 August and discussed to cooperate in conducting the disease control measures as the infection rate is high again. He called on all to work together for the development of the garment industry while the government eased some restrictions to create better environment for domestic and foreign investors to make investment.
He also met the representatives of Trade Unions at Hlinethaya Industrial Zone on 30 August and said the Ministry makes concerted efforts for maintaining job opportunities at factories, industries, shops and other workplaces, occupational safety, development of workers’ skills, pleasant workplaces and to improve the foreign investment and discussed to find solutions for the economic impacts of COVID-19 at the factories and industries and to follow the health guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Sports without fail.
The meeting also discussed the measures to be taken to reduce the risks to workers and employers due to the spread of COVID-19 in factories and industries, law amendment of labour affairs for future, labour rights and matters related to the employers including cooperation works with international organizations. The ministry will keep monitoring on undergoing quarantine and medical treatment of employees and also study the orders of employers, investment and the future prospects regarding the changes in the neighbouring and the world countries.
It emphasizes to the attitudes and problems of employers and employees and urges them to work together to overcome this situation as quickly as possible with their self-discipline. Then, ILO Liaison Officer Mr Donglin Li, the representatives of the employers and employees respectively delivered greeting speech and discussed COVID-19 control measures among the employees and future functions for employers, employees and the government.—MNA (Translated by Ei Phyu Phyu Aung and Khine Thazin Han)

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