A challenge against old age

  • By Prof Dr Maung

Old age begins with birth. Human body is built up of millions of cells; each cell has a minute fire called mitochondria. Nourishment obtained from foods taken in and oxygen from breathing in are burnt in a minute fire, producing energy. A half of these energies is used to carry out cell functions; other half has changed into heat to maintain body temperatures.

Changing into oxygen molecules
Oxygen in the air is not completely burnt; 4% of oxygen has escaped from a minute fire to change into highly reactive oxygen molecules.
These oxygen molecules tend to burn with things met. But lineage molecules, cells covered with fats and protein molecules are burnt.
The burning process starts with the first inhaling of one’s birth from the mother’s womb. We survive due to the extinguishing systems which defend the burning destructions. However, the defending system deteriorates as we become older. The burning of the above-mentioned highly reactive oxygen molecules is one of the aging processes.

Horoscope age and body age
There are two types of lifespan: horoscope lifespan which shows year, month, day and hour. The other lifespan shows wounds and injuries of a man’s lifecycle. Horoscope age and body age can easily be termed; the two terms are not always compatible. Looking young for one’s age and old age clearly show the difference between the two. The process of getting older is comparable among the 75-year-old man, 15-year-old horse and 5-year-old cat.
The subject and process of getting old have been studied by researchers for a long time, but to no avail. However, one thing is sure that the process of ripe old age is a total result of many factors. Family lineage, nourishment, mental stress, daily habits, physical exercises, smoking cigars and cigarettes are bad habits and going to bed early and getting up from bed early are good habits. Up to now, how much does your body look young? However, no one can measure how old you are. But body age is estimated by statistical facts for speeding up getting old; it is a sort of fortune telling. According to a website www.biological-age.com, you can examine the body age. Even it is not exact, you can at least analyze yourself.
A challenge against old age
Even if old cannot be denied entirely, you could become old healthily. By understanding the attacking forces of old age when you are over 60 years old, you can help a lot in fighting against old age. When waging a war, the attacking forces of the enemies known in advance will bring a success.

The increasing of bodyweight
It is certain: the older you are, the more body weight you put on. As your body becomes fatter, diseases such as heart, hypertension, diabetes and rheumatic pains will follow. It is wise enough to maintain your body weight. There is a principle of maintaining a body weight: the bodyweight is the difference between energies received and used by the body. When getting older, the functions of all cells become slower, using less energy. The normal eating habits will create more fats in your body. That is why you should lead an active life: daily exercises and eating less are indispensable.

Self-defense strengths weaking
Self-defense systems weaken against germs from outside environs; it is an another form of old age. You easily fall into illness during the seasonal flu. At that time, you should stay away from a crowd form catching cold and having a good sleep.

Spongy bones
As humans become older, the strength of bones gets weaker especially among women. An act out of balance will break your bones. Vitamin-D will easily prevent from becoming stiff. Milk and yogurt will enrich with the help of lime. In Myanmar curries, dwarf catfish and many other kinds of fishes play a vital role in enriching bones. Another way of strengthening bones is to do a lot of muscle exercises. Waking, swimming, squats and lifting weights are easy of doing things.

Possibility of contracting cancer
Old age could bring a serious disease of cancer. Molecular malfunctions contacting with cancer-causing things for a long time, family lineage are original factors for the disease. But every old man, and man of family lineage do not tend to suffer from that disease. Some kinds of cancer are linked to lifestyles.
Cigarettes, alcohol, meat and obesity can cause lung, liver, stomach and colon cancer; women might suffer from breast cancer. Lifestyles and eating habits could prevent the possibilities of suffering from the serious disease.

Depression is a part and parcel of old age. For health, loneliness and life-suffering facts could cause depression; it is not known how it happens. Headaches, indigestion, memory loss and behavioral attitudes are outstanding characters for depression. To overcome loneliness, you should take part in religious and social affairs, close contacts with friends and colleagues or you could keep a dog or a cat to overcome it. Challenging old age is like fighting unsuccessful battles. If you cannot destroy them, you have to join them. True confronting old age means not only cooperation with it but also is willing to accept it. Peaceful mind and old age will first of all require a health body. We try to deny old age, but should try to accept it. Old age would burn our body by trying to know how it happens. We try to understand that old age is not exceptional to anyone and longevity and goodwill will be beneficial to mankind.
By this article, I want to share with you that old age will come to everyone. Confronting old age honestly means a challenge to it as well as acceptance of it. By trying to understanding our burning bodies vividly, Myanmar people will try to accept old age by a complete peace of mind.
Translated by Arakan Sein

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