A ‘do it yourself’ project to protect against WMDs

These days, cases of manslaughter between beloved ones are being heard. These have apparently occurred after verbal arguments between man and wife, parent and offspring, brother and sister or in-laws.
In fact, they are bonded with love and compassion. So, the root of these murder cases should be anger, which results from greed and delusion or ignorance. According to Lord Buddha, greed, anger and delusion are the roots of all the unwholesome deeds in this world.
People fight at home, at school or at work because of these weapons of mass destruction— greed, anger and delusion. Terrorist attacks on nations and war among countries happen because of these WMDs. Whatever the unwholesome or so called social deeds big or small that occur around the world can fit into these weapons. As these weapons are highly destructive, it is needed to completely get them rid of our world. So, the question is how to rid greed, hatred and delusion. Non-greed can be achieved by the practice of non-attachment. It is easier said than done, for people find it difficult to let go the persons and/or things they are attached too much to. The profound cravings and attachments embedded in us may be very subtle, hard to see, yet possibly very strong. Only through the practice of vipassana meditation can these attachments be let go with ease.
In the same way, hatred can be gotten rid of only through the practice of loving kindness. The more we practice loving kindness, the faster the anger or the hatred we are harbouring will leave us. Nevertheless, how long it will take for the anger or hatred to leave our heart depends on the type of people. In this regard, it is worth recalling the simile Lord Buddha has used. He said, “In some people, anger is like a line drawn in the water. It vanishes instantly as soon as it appears. In others, it is like a line drawn in the sand, which will slowly fade away over time. For the third type, it is like a line drawn on rock’, which requires great effort and a long time to rid. The first type harbors great love whereas the third type needs to practice more to instil loving kindness into his heart.
Finally, ridding delusion is the most difficult task. To do this, we have to contemplate on how eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind work together with object, sound, smell, taste, touch and mental object and how and where this craving arises. Then, we can contemplate on impermanence, suffering and non-self of these six senses and their external sense objects. If this process is practiced diligently with mindfulness, it will help us get rid of the craving.
Buddha was crystal clear in his clarification of the Noble Eightfold Path on which we have to walk if we want to rid these weapons of mass destruction. But it is like a ‘do it yourself’ project. Nobody can do it for us, not even Buddha. This being so, it is incumbent upon us to tread on this path to free ourselves from the danger of the WMDs— greed, anger (hatred) and delusion (ignorance.)

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