A new future for the world and a new future for Myanmar

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  • By Maw Lin
  • The United Nation Global Compact – UNGC is a program that encourages social responsibility and sustainable development of the economic enterprises of the world under the leadership of the United Nations. Four principal categories, Human Rights, Labour Affairs, Environmental Conservation and Eradication of Corruption are included in the UNGC program. There are 10 principles under the 4 main categories.
    If we divide the 10 principles into categories, there are 2 principles under the Human Rights category. They are to respect and protect the internationally approved human rights and not to be connected or involved in any way with human rights violations. There are 4 principles under the category of Labour Affairs. They are to be able to organize labour unions freely, the right to discuss, negotiate and reach agreement among employers and employees regarding worker’s rights and labour relations at the work site, eradication of child labour and eradication of discrimination at the work site. There are 3 principles under the category for conservation of natural environment. They are to approach the challenges to environmental conservation with full awareness, to organize eco-friendly business extensively and to promote techniques for conserving the natural environment. There is only one principle under the category of corruption. This is to oppose and combat all types of corruption.
    All the 10 principles described above urge businessmen of the world to conduct their business enterprises with dignity and with a spirit of social responsibility towards the people of the world. The people of the world also reciprocate these business enterprises by recognizing and supporting their products and services. This is a model that would integrate economic development and human survival in a harmonious way. It is also a model that would shape the new future of the world. It has been learnt that an MOU has been signed between the Local Resource Center of Myanmar and UNGC Myanmar Network with the vision to be able to cooperate between the LRC and the UNGC Myanmar Network for Myanmar business enterprises to participate more actively. Therefore, we wholeheartedly support the signing of the MOU as it would support the creation of a new future for the world, including a new future for Myanmar.
  • (Translated by U Khin Maung Win)
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