A problem in the agricultural sector is a problem for all


The agriculture sector plays an important role in Myanmar. More than two-thirds of the country’s population is reliant on it for a livelihood and it contributes the same amount to national earnings, according to the World Bank. It is important not only for the country’s economy as well as for political stability. Any disruption to the sector has a direct impact on millions of Myanmar people.  When a large majority of the population is facing economic troubles, it is difficult to maintain political stability.
For example, farm labourers who lose their jobs may be forced to migrate to towns and cities in search of work. Myanmar’s economic hubs quickly become overpopulated and lack the infrastructure to cope with the sudden influx of people. And if the former labourers cannot find housing or employment, they may turn to petty crime to get by. Some even get involved in the dirty trade of human trafficking.
Neglecting the agriculture sector has a number of very serious knock-on effects for society, which is why more attention and funds should be devoted to it. Farmlands should also be developed so that yields are the highest possible, which will ensure that the greatest number of people benefit from the fruits of their labour.

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