A shoulder to cry on

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WITH lower house of second parliament scheduled to convene on 1st February and the upper, 2nd february our country has reached a crucial juncture. Myanmar has an urgent need for more coordinated political action and accountability.
No matter whoever is elected president, one thing we know for sure is that the new cabinet faces an enormous task—getting the country back on track after decades of a standstill.
It will not be fair to leave that obligation on their shoulders alone. In fact, we should all offer our active support and practical assistance in remedying the country’s management glitches.
It is typical of us, as ordinary people, to entertain some fear of the powers that be. It is not uncommon for authorities to misuse power for their own ends. Over the years, corruption and bribery have become a natural habit in our society.
For the general public, each elected representative is a shoulder to cry on. The people of Myanmar will expect the decision makers in the executive, legislative and judicial branches to formulate policies that will dry their tears and improve the country’s image in the international community.

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