Announcement on mine blast on way of Mandalay-Yangon down-train

Train 3 NS

The State Administration Council makes efforts for state stability and socio-economic development and expands the daily train services to facilitate the transport sector for the people.
Moreover, the SAC keeps following the points of NCA when it leads to the enduring peace that the entire people want.
On 26 May, a handmade mine planted by terrorists exploded on the railway when No 2 down train from Mandalay to Yangon arrived between mileposts (125/14) and (125/15) about 3,700 metres from Nyaung Pintha station of Pyu Township at about 9:30 pm. A hole with 9 square feet depth in the ground has occurred, and five sleepers and five carriages were destroyed. None of the railway staff and passengers was injured.

The insurgent groups conducted mine attacks in 1984. An explosion occurred on Mandalay-Yangon No (2) down train between Kanyut Kwin and Taw Kywel Inn stations (121/6 and 121/7 mile posts). Ten passengers were killed, and 15 wounded in the blast. Similarly, the insurgents also planted a mine to attack the No (2) down train from Mandalay near Kwin Chaung bridge between Kanyut Kwin and Taw Kywel Inn stations on 21 May 1996. It was reported that nine passengers were killed and seven injured in the explosion. Such mine attacks of insurgents on the railways destroyed the lives of people in the past. The people strongly condemned such cases.
The moves of insurgents groups that target the non-military civilians seemed to be intentionally committed to cause causalities and destroy the lives of people and attempt to deteriorate the community peace.
The people should condemn such brutal violence against innocent people and cooperate with the security members in a safe community. Tatmadaw also strongly denounces insurgent groups’ targeted attacks on innocent civilians. The ethnic armed groups that have signed the NCA should pay special attention to the provisions contained in NCA.
Information Team
State Administration Council

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