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Announcement on release of 5,315 people, who do not involve in violence, withdrawal of lawsuits against 702 runaways


After Tatmadaw took the State’s responsibilities in accord with the 2008 Constitution on 1 February 2021, the State Administration Council has set out the Five-Point Roadmap for the stability and development of the country. The SAC has lifted the charges against those who did not commit any criminal cases such as murders, robberies, arsons, attacks on the public, destruction of the government and privately-owned buildings and those who did not join CDM for financial purposes or by other means although they participated in the protests due to the incitements of political extremist NLD members and supporters, who do not want stability, CRPH and NUG, and freed 5,315 detainees.
Moreover, when those who have been on the run due to various concerns voluntarily contacted the officials, the lawsuits opened against them are withdrawn if they did not commit any cases of the above-mentioned under the law, and the cases opened against 702 people, including civil servants, were dropped. The officials will continue to carry out in line with the procedures. —MNA

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