1. The Central Bank of Myanmar sells foreign currencies to importers via an Online Trading Platform. It allows private banks to sell foreign currencies for petty cash at their exchange counters for people who go abroad to undergo medical treatment, study, and work, aiming at stabilizing currency exchange rates and preventing price manipulation.
2. The dollar transaction is K3,375 per dollar at the Online Trading Platform between the banks and importers/exporters, and the following three private banks under the guidance of CBM are selling between US$300 and $500 at K3,100 per dollar as a special plan.

3. The operations are also expressed on the Official Website of CMB, social media pages and Official Websites of AYA Bank, KBZ Bank and UAB Bank.

4. Although foreign currencies are sold under such operations, the saboteurs who destroy the foreign currency exchange rates release disinformation to raise the exchange rates via the following Facebook pages, groups, Apps and websites;
(a)Mr. Hamburger Channel (Viber)
(b)Myanmar Market Price App & (Facebook)
(c)Htet Yan Money Exchange (Facebook)
(d)Dollar Exchange Rate (Facebook)
(e)Daily Gold (Facebook)
(f)Myanmar Future News (Facebook)
(g)ရွှေဈေး၊ဒေါ်လာဈေး (Facebook)
(h)GG-Money Exchange (Facebook)
(i)ရဝေထွန်း-စိန်ရွှေရတနာဆိုင် (Facebook)
(j)ရွှေဈေးနှုန်း၊ ငွေဈေးနှုန်း (Facebook)
(k)Domestic Price Now
(m)Gold  (Facebook)
(n)Law Ka Media (Facebook)
(o) Money Changer (Yangon) ငွေဈေး ဒေါ်လာဈေး (Facebook Group)
5. The above-mentioned Facebook pages, groups, Apps and Websites intentionally spread misinformation and false news and conduct Forex trading without possessing any work licences. Therefore, cooperation is being done with law enforcement organizations to take action against them under Section 505.a (b) Penal, Section 68 (a) Telecommunication Law, and Sections 38 and 42 Foreign Exchange Management Law.
6. The people should buy foreign currencies at the above-mentioned exchange counters that sell under a special plan and should not believe the information and statements of currency manipulators. Moreover, people can also visit News & Announcements at of CBM to observe the daily Online Trading Platform and trade the currency at the banks and officially authorized exchange counters.
Central Bank of Myanmar
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