ASEAN Online Sales Day to be held on 8 August


To boost e-commerce growth among the ASEAN Member States (AMS), ASEAN Online Sales Day (AOSD) will take place on 8 August, according to the Ministry of Commerce.
The objectives of AOSD are to encourage cross-border e-commerce, built trust with the e-Commerce consumers, support e-commerce sector which appears to be one of the main drivers of the regional economic growth and benefit the e-commerce businesses, MSMEs and the consumers.
The AOSD will be implemented under two phases. In phase I, it is to raise awareness of e-Commerce among the AMS and expand e-commerce businesses, marketplaces and platforms in the region and increase online sales for the customers. In phase II, it is to grow e-commerce networks to the consumers in other countries outside the region and improve cross-border e-commerce transactions.
All the e-commerce businesses and platforms in the AMS can join AOSD event, except those specifically prohibited.
The AOSD website will be the subdomain of the ASEAN website. The respective e-commerce links of the participants will be linked to the webpage with AOSD logo, offering promotional code.
Those interested e-commerce businesses in Myanmar can also join the AOSD event.
The e-commerce items and services will penetrate to the external markets rapidly. The top platforms of ASEAN will surely connect to the AOSD.
The interested e-commerce businesses in Myanmar are reported to submit the detail of e-commerce businesses, marketplaces and platforms to the email of the Trade Department [email protected] by 21 July. For further enquires, they can contact 067-408485. (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

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