Authorities draw up plans to prevent fires in Thaton

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Senior General Min Aung Hlaing seen departing for Venie, Italy.

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A STRATEGIC plan to prevent fires is being developed by the Fire Services Department in Thaton District in Mon State on a regional scale, its officer said.
U Aung Kyin Tun, the deputy director of Thaton District Fire Services Department, said special fire prevention programmes including firefighting drills and other management trainings have been implemented by the department before the hot season to protect people and their property from fires.
The department is currently conducting field trips to inspect the storage of combustible objects, including fuel and hay, and educate people on how to prevent and control fires. Fire engines and related equipment have been prepared for emergency cases.
Officers from the four districts have been alerted to the increased possibility of fire in the summer months.
The department will soon announce emergency phone numbers for the general public, urging them to actively participate in the fire prevention programme.
People welcome the government’s efforts to prevent fire in the region by effective public awareness programmes through pamphlets, billboards and seminars, said one of the residents, who hope the authorities would continue the activities in every season. There are 19 fire engines, eight water bowsers and related equipment in the region operated by 116 firefighters and 2,644 auxiliary members.

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