Be Honest, Ethical and Professional to help solve complex issues in Rakhine

The armed violent attacks occurred last month in Rakhine State as the new government was systematically handling human rights and humanitarian issues by all possible legal means.
The attacks arose shortly after the third committee meeting on human rights at the United Nation’s General Assembly lifted the remaining US sanctions and soon after the announcement that the EU wouldn’t submit the human rights report on Myanmar in tribute to the progress being made.
Those who wanted to inflame the issue of Rakhine State made the problem worse, while the new government was dealing with the issue systematically by legal means.
From the beginning, the government has taken the most cautious approach in dealing with the issues in Rakhine State, in order to prevent unnecessary accusations of human rights violations and to not to be blamed unfairly by the international community.
Recently, some social media have released reports related to the handling by the government of the armed attacks. In their posts they used video clips and photos of the conflicts in Rakhine State in 2012 and those in foreign countries. They also accused the troops who are carrying out area clearance operations in an effort to bring back peace to the community.
Neglecting fairness, one of the important ethical tenets of the journalism, some media wrote stories on that issue without mentioning the clarifications from the authorities and responsible personnel.
Meanwhile, biased news reports, videos and photos of the 2012 communal conflicts in Rakhine State were spread to the world through a news network established just for one community in Rakhine State, making it clear that those who want to bring the Rakhine State issue to the international stage are working behind the scene.
In response to the unfair reports, the government requested the foreign media established about 100 years ago to report on the clarifications of the government.
Violation of professional ethics can cause unnecessary consequences and can be considered on act of violation of human rights.
Only flexible and systematic approaches can help solve these complicated issues. The Myanmar government is dealing with human rights issues, in particular the complaints over rights violations, as all countries are being confronted with their own human rights issues.
In dealing with complicated issues, the government alone cannot solve them, requiring the cooperation of the people, including media personnel.

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