Believe News With Judgement

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  • Khin Maung Oo

  • Veteran journalists always teach tenderfoots not to believe it just by hearing a news item, instead believe half of it even though they witness themselves. In reality, the news heard from others may differ from actual events when reporters go to collect news on the ground. Sometimes they happen to turn up to be the exaggerated ones. Occasionally news about events happening before one’s eyes has different matters in the background.
    Buddha says “Parpa Samein Ramati Manaw” which is meant for Human beings tend to feel pleased in mischievous deeds. Likewise, according to the theory of journalism, humans are easily inclined to prefer evil news to good ones. Accordingly, a news item, a portrait, a cartoon sketch, a line of short writing and a word cause an impact among the people like echoes, depending upon the amount of people who like it.
    Just the moment media illustrate an ogre as a poor being by using their poetic skills, readers accept the ogre as the poor one. Critical thinking follows likeliness to believe over sensational news stories. In other words, it is human’s nature to prioritize feeling more than judgement.
    Previously, newspapers, journals and magazines were news media. When radios and televisions appeared in homes, they became broadcasting media, which could spread news and information more rapidly. Print media were under threat of electronic media. Print media and electronic media are one-way media which journalists collect or cover news, edit and produce them.
    The latest media or new media based on internet social website are two-way media. Just holding a smart phone of moderate price, every individual can become journalist, linking with internet websites.
    Journalists who get involved in original media—print media and electronic media are required to behave in accord with professional standards, ethics, rules, laws and codes, with those requirements, responsibility and accountability disappearing in news media. So, personal attacks, acting as political lobbyists, deception by use of false news and racial extremists’ agitations are being made by those from different spheres for their own sake.
    Due to deception by the news which appears on a palm-sized telephone screen, some people are subjected to deceivers’ deception, causing loss of several million of money. We need to take lessons from these events, blaming deceivers and the deceived. Without believing in all what we find, we need to believe just after careful judgement.
    Internet social website pages are bonanzas for knowledge if we know well how to use it, or otherwise. It has myriads of traps. At least, it takes money, time and our effort.
    Under the current situation, there are intentional attacks which damage our country’s image and national dignity through internet social website pages. So, we hereby urge our media to constantly monitor these attacks from our technological sphere and respond to them promptly.
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