Betel leaf price reaches record high in January

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With betel leaf prices increasing, local betel vendors are finding it difficult to sell in the market, according to local vendors.
“The betel leaf price reached a record high of Ks 18, 000 per viss (1.6kg) in January 2018. Last year, the price of the betel leaf was between Ks 6,000 and Ks 8,000 per viss. This year, the price of the betel leaf has jumped to between Ks 16,000 and Ks 18,000 per viss. So, local betel vendors are selling three betel portions for Ks 200, which are not selling well,” said one of the betel vendors.
“The betel leaf “Kun Nu Wah” is grown in Mandalay, Monywa, Madaya, Kyaukse, Shwebo and Myinmu townships. Betel leaves “ Kun Sein” are mainly sent to market from Yangon, Hinthada and Zalun,” he added.
“The price of the betel leaf increases annually in December, January, February and March. We are facing difficulties in selling betel, also known as “Kun ya”, because the price of the betel leaf has increased. The size of the betel leaf is also different. This year, the price of the betel leaf is very expensive,” said a local betel vendor from Magway Region. “There are 450 betel leaves in one viss. Some of the betel vendors bought big leaves and cut them in the middle. We also have to buy other ingredients to make Kun ya for Ks 15,000. We can only make a profit if we can sell one viss of Kun ya,” he added. —Han Tha Lin

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