Combatting human trafficking still cannot stop domestic slavery cases in the Middle East Labour Affairs

Institutions concerned had better continue to investigate trafficking in persons of Myanmar women as domestic workers in the Middle East, advocates of labour affairs pointed out.
In recent days, seven Myanmar victims of human trafficking in Dubai, the UAE were rescued with the bilateral cooperation between Myanmar and Dubai police forces and they returned home. Those convicted traffickers faced legal actions at the Tamway Police Station.
Those Myanmar traffickers living in Dubai as permanent residence took advantage of vulnerable Myanmar girls with high salary scams. Then, they were forced to be sold in Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan and Oman after they arrived in Dubai. The girls called for help on social media.
Some local oversea recruitment agents persuaded them to work overseas. Trafficking in persons is continuously happening amid weak law enforcements, labour affairs advocates criticized.
The traffickers convinced the vulnerable girls that they would be hired with a good salary and they fell into the trap. They were detained by a group of Myanmar vicious people in Dubai.
They kept the girls’ passports and mobile phones. They provided only one meal a day. The girls were entrapped to be sold in countries in the Middle East. They faced extortions, according to the stories of the victims of trafficking who came back to Myanmar on 9 September.
Similar cases might happen again so investigations should be ongoing with the global alliance (Interpol) against human trafficking, advocates suggested.
“We do not have a Memorandum of Understanding on employment with the Middle East. Younger people fall for trafficking with higher salary scams. Some local recruitment agencies should also check the accountability of the agents on other sides. Unless they do so, they can be involved in trafficking cases,” an advocate said.
On 6 September, Union Minister Dr Pwin San of the Ministry of Labour addressed at a meeting with executive committee members of Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation that agencies must have full responsibility for workers’ health and safety until they return to their home country.—TWA/GNLM

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