Criminals do commit crimes on any occasions and any place


By Hein Htet (A freelance writer)
Especially during  June and July of this year, I have viewed breaking news related to hate crimes,  horrendous  acts  of terrorism and shootings  occurred in the USA, France, Turkey  Germany  and  in England on BBC and CNN  TV channels. Most of the victims were even children and innocent ordinary people. The world people were shocked to view the breaking news and felt deep sadness over the losses of the innocent people or good people. The law enforcement authorities or personnel and intelligence agencies could not prevent the general public from these atrocious and inhumane acts as the criminals were extremely odd or abnormal and some were lone perpetrators. Few of them linked to the group of terrorists. Their acts not only shocked the world people but also disrupt the trade and international air transport across the world. The devastating impact is that people living in these countries are insecure in their daily life and nothing seems to be safe anywhere even at the religious sites. All these big countries lose guarantee for the security and safety of the locals and foreigners alike. Such situations are threats to the global communities regardless of any different regions. The tragic incidents caused by hate crimes or acts of terrorism may occur there from time to time even if there are no civil wars in particular countries.
The criminals do commit crimes on any occasions and any place. The extremists are out of human minds and they destroy human lives and heritages across the world. This becomes global issue to be solved seriously. We the civilized people across the world should gather root causes, immediate causes and remote causes to the problem. Why are  these criminals so daring and cold-blooded to commit homicide easily? The availability of firearms sale in US and in other Europe countries support or drive the extremists and criminals to commit crimes easily. Deliberately those criminals and extremists destroy the ordinary people and disrupt the safety of the targeted communities. For what purpose do they carry out the bloody massacre of defenseless people or beheading innocent people (mostly were international journalists and social workers)?
Nowadays, the sporadic acts of terrorism occur in some Europe countries and the loss of human lives is immense. I bitterly denounce the terrorists and extremists for their cowardly attack on defenseless people. The defenseless and innocent human beings are losing their lives across the world day after day and we hear the man-made disasters frequently. The global people feel unsafe due to the acts of extremism and terrorism.  Who is to blame for the disaster on earth? I suppose all the world leaders cannot find the solution to the problems pertaining to hate crimes and terrorism. Nobody wants to die in the event or incident of terrorist attack or hate crimes indeed.

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