Cross-border imports from Lwejel point decline slightly

Muse 105 mile border trade zone. Photo: Phoe Khwar
Muse 105 mile border trade zone. Photo: Phoe Khwar

The import value of trade between Myanmar and China via the Lwejel border trade camp before the end of the 2017-2018 fiscal year (FY) declined by US$2.5 million, compared with the same period last FY, according to the Commerce Ministry.
Over the past 357 days of the 2017-18 FY, China imported commodities worth $13.04 million from Myanmar through Lwejel, while exports to China were valued at $208.95 million. Despite a decrease in the import value at Lwejel border, the total trade value saw an increase of some $27 million, compared with the last FY.
Myanmar conducts border trade with China mainly through Muse, Lwejel, Kanpikete, Chinshwehaw and Kengtung. Of these, the Muse border sees the largest volume and value in terms of border trade.
According to the ministry’s official statistics, as of 23 March, the value of trade across all border points reached $8.27 billion, registering an increase of $679 million in comparison with the previous FY.
Myanmar predominately exports agricultural products, fishery products, mining products, forest products and industrial goods. It imports personal goods, industrial raw materials, construction equipment, automobiles and capital goods from China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Germany, France and Hong Kong.


Shwe Khine

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