Dams, sluice gates, river water pumping maintained every year to benefit 1,014,776 acres in Yangon Region

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A drain and manufacturing road seen between thriving paddy farms. Photo: Kanu

Yangon Region Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department is working on water supply and flood protection, as well as preventing saltwater entering low-lying fields.
A total of 1,014,776 acres of agricultural land in Yangon Region are being maintained every year, including dams, flood prevention, saltwater preventive dykes, sluice gates, and water pumping supply projects.
In Yangon Region, nine dams built by the government, 49 flood prevention and saltwater prevention dykes, 160 sluice gates, and 22 river water pumping stations are being run.
Ngamoeyeik Dam, Tabu Hla Dam, Paunglaung Dam, Mahuya Dam, Lagunbyin Dam, Banbwegon Dam, Kalihtaw Dam and Taunglonmyaung Dam irrigate 79,022 acres of farmlands, 49 embankments 350,144 acres, 89 drain channels 357,550 acres, 160 sluice gates 203,542 acres and 22 river water pumping stations 24,518 acres annually.
In order to use irrigation water efficiently in the agricultural sector, as part of the implementation of an irrigation management system involving water users, more than 3,000 farmers have formed a water user group, and the farmers themselves have been able to participate in a cooperative irrigation system.
Instead of using the irrigation system, water is supplied directly from the main canals and tributaries. Under 50 farmers in the 100-acre irrigated area were formed as user groups.
The Yangon Region Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department is conducting water supply activities for successful thriving of summer and winter crops, drinking water supply works to Yangon, Thanlyin Township and Kyauktan Township, prevention of flooding for monsoon paddy farms and carries out maintenance of irrigation facilities on a yearly basis.—Nyein Thu (MNA)/KZL

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