Dawei Nationalities Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Dawei Nationalities Party Vice-Chairman U Maung Maung Aye presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 23 September.

Greetings esteemed nationalities and citizens.
Let me first wish physical and mental wellbeing of Myanmar citizens and Dawei ethnic people.
I am the Vice-Chairman of Dawei Nationalities Party, U Maung Maung Aye. We will contest in the 2020 General Election for equal rights, opportunities and standards for Dawei ethnic people.
I will explain our party’s policies, stance and work programmes.
Allow me to explain our party’s history first briefly.
The Dawei people have been involved in Myanmar’s struggle for independence since the beginning. We’ve also cooperated with other ethnic groups to escape the clutches of successive authoritarian regimes and for democracy.
Such an extent is that we put the interest of the entire nation before our own region.
Thus, we formed this party in 2013 with the aim to implement national interest during the estab-lishment of a federal union and democratic system and to ensure our own regional interest is not far behind.
Federalism is the most appropriate for a nation like Myanmar, where a multitude of ethnic groups lives together. While we lay the foundation for a democratic system on the one hand we must simultaneously work for equal rights and standards of ethnic groups.
Sadly, our people have been left behind while we worked hard for national interest over the years.
We are back in politics, social integrity and have been facing socio-economic challenges.
About socio-economics, we need the right resources for regional development. Roads and bridges are essential infrastructures, and so is electricity. It is vital for establishing businesses.
For example, the rate for electricity is 35 kyats per unit for other states and regions. Still, it costs at least 200 kyats per unit in our area with some villages having to pay up to the thousands even.
As there is more transparency, more people are working in tourism in our region. But if hotels and travel businesses have to pay millions of kyats per month for electricity, then it is a great difficulty. We have to struggle to prevent enterprises from stopping during COVID-19, especially.
That is why we need to implement the national objective for democracy and federal union now and our own regional affairs at the same time.
Our motto for the 2020 General Election is ‘Reaching Democracy and Dawei’s Objectives’.
We must achieve our national objective and fulfil the dreams of our Dawei ethnic groups.

Esteemed nationalities and Dawei people
Now is the time for us to be united and clean our faces so that we all can be Dawei people. We must work on our regional affairs ourselves.
We cannot leave Dawei affairs while going into the bottle for democratic affairs. Dawei cannot be left behind. Let me repeat it. We cannot leave Dawei behind.
Our party will contest in the 2020 General Election with the motto ‘Reaching Democracy and Dawei’s Objectives’.
We will not be contesting for seats in the Amyotha and Pyithu Hluttaws but focusing solely on the Taninthayi Region Hluttaws.
Therefore, the people only need to cast one of their three ballots for the Dawei Nationalities Party. One poll is only for the Taninthayi Region Hluttaw. We request that one vote better to serve our regional and social affairs in the Hluttaw.
Please vote for the Dawei party to develop our region.
Please vote for the Dawei party to promote our ethnic integrity.
I conclude this and thank you all.

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