1. (C&U) (country with principles of) government in which all adult citizens share through their elected representatives.
2. (C&U) (country with) government which encourages and allows rights of citizenship such as freedom of speech, religion, opinion, and association, the assertion of the rule of law, majority rule, accompanied by respect for the rights of minorities.
3. (C&U) (society in which there is)  treatment of each other by citizens as equals.
– The Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

D    for    Defense  and  Development of the National Sovereignty, Independence and Freedom.
E    for    Enhancement of Human Rights
M   for    Motherland’s Unity, Solidarity & Fraternity
O   for    Open Society & Culture with National Characteristics
C    for    Civil, Cultural and Educational Development
R    for    Reforms of Politics, Economy, Technology and Socioculture
A    for    Alignment of Executive, Legislative and Judicial Powers
C    for    Commitment to Freedom of Speech, Publication and Assembly
Y    for    Yielding of the Fruits of Liberty, Equality  and Justice

Development and Defense of the National Sovereignty, Independence and Freedom
In every democratic country, the primary importance is the development and defense of the national sovereignty, independence and freedom. Under the conditions of political, economic, educational and sociocultural overt and covert invasions of the globalization age, it is imperative to safeguard our own sovereignty, independence and freedom.

Enhancement of Human Rights
In a democracy, human rights are of supreme importance. The prevalence of full human rights in the political, economic, educational, cultural and religious fields has become more and more important in the present-day world of great divides. The world of today has to face many contradictions and conflicts internally as well as externally. Hence, the importance of safeguarding the national sovereignty, etc.

Motherland’s Unity, Solidarity and Fraternity
In the age of democracy, the unity, solidarity and fraternity of the Motherland is of supreme importance. Political and economic imperialism might be on the waning trend, but we have got to be very vigilant to safeguard ourselves against the onslaught of sociocultural imperialist tendencies. If a herd of cows is divided within itself, the danger of the tiger always prevails, it is said as a proverb in Myanmar.

Open Society & Culture with National Characteristics
Every democratic country has got to preserve its own traditions of sociocultural heritage. But, we cannot afford to live and move and have our being in a closed environment. A democratic country is obliged to be an open country with the proviso of preserving the national culture and traditions. A democratic country has got to be strategically nationalistic but tactically inter nationalistic.

Civil, Cultural and Educational Development
In a democratic country, it is a matter of top priority to continuously develop the civil, cultural and educational standards of its people. Every nation’s caliber is the sum total of the standards of its people in civil, cultural and educational spheres. For the optimum development of democracy, the maximum attainment of education by its people is imperative. In fact, education is the cornerstone of the foundation of democracy.

Reforms of Political, Economical, Financial, Educational, Legal and Environmental Fields
In a democracy, the radical reforms in the political, economical, financial, educational, legal and environmental spheres are of vital importance. In democratizing a country, the vision, mission, goal, objectives, strategy and tactics of the ruling elite must be squarely based on the objective requirements of the broad masses of the people as a whole.

Alignment of Executive, Legislative and Judicial Powers
In a democracy, there must be the three separate pillars of Executive, Legislative and Judicial Powers which ought to be ideally interdependent and collaborative for maximum effect. The three pillars must be of equal strength and importance, but they must be strategically operated in cooperation and consultation for the maximum development of democracy. The fourth pillar of Public Media should act as the Umpire.

Commitment to Freedoms of Assembly, Speech, Opinion, Publication, etc
Without the full-fledged prevalence of the freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of publication, freedom of movement, etc., a democracy will surely be an out and out hypocrisy. The very essence of democracy is that man should be born in freedom, die in freedom, and live and move and have their being in freedom in between.

Yielding of the Fruits of Liberty, Equality and Justice
A democracy that doesn’t yield an abundance of the fruits of Liberty, Equality and Justice is certainly a sham democracy. In a true democracy, scarcity, severity and sorrow should be wiped out, and peace, progress and prosperity must positively prevail.

D    =    Dedication to Freedom
E    =    Education
M    =    Mission
O    =    Objective
C    =    Commitment
R    =    Responsibility
A    =    Accountability
C    =    Competency
Y    =    You for All; All for You

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