Don’t lose sight of people’s desire for peace

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  • When we attempt to solve an issue at the table, there must be decision makers present. Regarding the peacemaking efforts in our country, every person and every organisation has an important role. Every organisation has to take responsibility for itself and for its members and colleagues. A group or organisation should not go individually on the road to our goal because total peace for our country is the goal to which we must walk together, joining our hands.
    For achieving peace, confidence is the key. Self-confidence is more important than confidence with others. Without self-confidence, without confidence in our organisation, efforts for peace will end in vain.
    Only when we take part in the peace process and in discussions with confidence over a system for a federal union, can you know who is not willing to build a federal democratic union. But without a pragmatic approach, casting doubt on others is not helpful for the country which is marching toward a federal union. In some cases which are in limbo, it is found that participants attempted to reach the end without taking steps for a beginning.
    Hence, if we want to build a federation democratic union, we must take part in the peacemaking process and must discuss thoroughly what is democracy, what is a federal system and what kind of a federal democratic union we want. At the same time, we can decide over “give and take” to reach consensus at the negotiation table.
    Working together, joining hands with each other will help us to overcome our challenges on the road to our goal.
    We need spiritual courage to confront oneself and to dare to find the right solution for peace. Rightfully assessing whether we can find out the answers we want or not is also required when we try to solve issues. If all stakeholders for the peace process have strong aspirations for peace, there is no reason why we cannot accomplish our goal.
    Our people who have experienced the consequences of a lack of peace want peace the most, more than anyone else.
    We have to solve what must be solved, move forward another step or two steps if we need to, according to our negotiations, with the spirit of fulfilling people’s needs, desires and expectations to which they have greatly aspired since the time of gaining independence.
    Whenever challenges we face, we must not lose sight of our people’s desire for total peace in our country.
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