Elephant carcasses found in Pathein Township

The carcasses of two wild elephants were found yesterday in separate places in Pathein District, Ayeyawady Region, but no poachers have been arrested yet, according to local authorities.

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An elephant carcass is found completely skinned in Ngapudaw Township, Ayeyawady Region. photo: Pathein hla kyi

The carcass of a female elephant, about 20 years old, was found yesterday in Myitaya Line, Tin Chaung Village tract, Ngapudaw Township. Meanwhile, two guns and equipment used for poaching were also found at the Hsinma Forest Reserve located in the township.
According to local authorities, another skinned elephant was found in Ngwesaung. Local elephant conservationists said poachers are targeting not only adult wild elephants, but also younger ones as their skins are highly valued in market.
Between 2017 and 2019, 54 suspected elephant poachers were arrested. Eight elephants were killed in 2018 and 16 elephants were killed between 2016 and 2018.
According to a representative from Myanma Timber Enterprise, the population of Myanmar’s wild elephants was about 10,000 in 1940 and declined by half in 1980, reached 4,000 in 2006, 2,500 in 2010, and is likely to touch 2,000 this year.—Pathein Hla Kyi

Wild elephants damage paddy field in Ngwesaung
Wild elephants damaged about six acres of paddy fields yesterday at Ywathit Village in Ngwesaung Township.
Around six wild elephants entered the paddy fields of five farmers in search of food, and destroyed six acres of paddy crops. —Mu Mu (IPRD)
(Translated by Ba Htoo Kyaw)

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