Elephant lovers provide feeds online in Palin Kanthaya elephant camp

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Elephants join elephant buffet at Palin Kanthaya elephant camp. Photo: Ko Kyemon

Elephant lovers from across the country are feeding the elephants in Palin Kanthaya elephant camp online, according to the officials. The camp, located near the west Palin village beside the Myingyan-Pakokku road in NyaungU Township, was opened by the Myanma Timber Enterprise of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation. During the closure of the elephant camp, the number of people feeding the elephant buffet has increased to more than 470 times, and there is more booking online.
A total of 22 elephant camps have been opened in regions and states of the country, and the elephant feeding can be done by contacting the elephant camps’ pages. The buffet includes sugarcane, grass, banana, watermelon, pumpkin, cucumber, mango, coconut and corn and seasonal crops. It costs K30,000 to K50,000 per meal, and K100,000 can be donated for seven elephants a day.
Those who would not coming to the camp, can contact from camp social media page and like to donate can contact Assistant Manager dialing 09793820532. In COVID-19 pandemic, there are 470 times of feeding have been donated. The elephant camps set up for the development of community-based tourism are in short supply. Elephants in forest and mountain camps are not difficult to find feedstuff and water, explained U Saw Wah Wah, a ranger at the Palin Kanthaya elephant camp. —Ko Kyemon/GNLM

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