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Encourage the development of ethnic languages


The government has pledged to shape the country as a Union based on democracy and federalism. As a result, the political culture will be newer as a drive to march towards the goal of the nation.
Myanmar is a nation inherited by more than 130 ethnic national races. Most of the ethnics possess their own cultures and works of literature. All the people including the government are responsible for encouraging the development of the culture and literature of respective national races.
Everybody wishes to taste the development. So, everybody needs to read for having a wider knowledge day by day. Hence, ethnic people should read to broaden their scopes for improving themselves including cultures and works of literature.
Only when they improve their works of literature, can the people from their ethnic groups understand their histories and their lands. If so, they will have newer knowledge on how to develop themselves and upgrade their areas. Thanks to the reading, they will have the knowledge on the rights of ethnics and fundamental rights of citizens mentioned in the Constitution (2008).
Various issues such as cultures, customs, languages, human rights, gender equality and humanitarian measures can be disseminated to the ethnic people through relevant ethnic languages. On one hand, they will realize internal and international affairs through media. In developing ethnic languages, emphasis should be placed not to waste valuable time.
Improvement of ethnic languages will help ethnic people set new historical records of relevant ethnic groups. The Constitution (2008) mentions Section 365 which stipulates “Every citizen shall, in accord with the law, have the right to freely develop literature, culture, arts, customs and traditions they cherish. In the process, they shall avoid any act detrimental to national solidarity. Moreover, any particular action which might adversely affect the interests of one or several other national races shall be taken only after coordinating with and obtaining the settlement of those affected.”
The authorities need to encourage the development of ethnic languages. It is because ethnicities will be varied. Hence, their interests will be different. The development of ethnic languages cannot be implemented in a single day. It will be a long term plan. Actually, it is necessary to lay a sound foundation for ethnic language affairs to flourish fiction and non-fiction works of literature related to their languages. As such, the ethnic people will have the chance to taste the fruits of the Union based on democracy and federalism.

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