Establish mangrove forests to contribute much to prevention of natural disasters

Myanmar possessing long coastal areas faces possibilities on dangers in natural disasters such as strong winds, tidal waves, landslides, tsunami and so on triggered by cyclonic storms in the Indian Ocean, the Andaman Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Mottama Gulf.
Mangrove forests are invaluable barriers against the natural disasters, especially tsunami, tidal waves, landslides and storms. In fact, these mangrove forests are natural retaining walls to bar the calamities.
Recently, the good news was released that the Department of Forest decided to establish the protected public mangrove forests in Yangon Region’s Southern District involved in the Mottama Golf area for prevention of natural disasters. Among 10 townships in the southern district, the department prioritizes the cultivation of mangrove plants in Kungyangon, Kyauktan and Kayan townships.
Yangon Region’s Southern District has reclaimed five protected public mangrove forests on 6,089 acres of land. These are Kanhlyashay and Myaseinthaung protected public mangrove forests in Kungyangon Township, Aungchantha mangrove forest in Kyauktan Township, Yekyaw Bogalay and extended Kanhlyashay mangrove forests in Kayan Township.

This fiscal year, six more forests will be set up on 40,167 acres of land in the district.

This fiscal year, six more forests will be set up on 40,167 acres of land in the district. Two mangrove forests each will be established in the southern district. The newly-planned mangrove forests are Shwepyi Ayechanphoh and extended Aungchantha mangrove forests in Kyauktan Township, Minywa Athin and Beiktheik Maha Thatha mangrove forests in Thongwa Township and green wall and Aleywa mangrove forests in Kawhmu Township.
A plan is underway to raise the awareness for conservation of mangrove forest plantations to the local people in open season. If so, the local authorities can mobilize the local people for active participation in conservation of the mangrove plants to be able to prevent impacts of landslides and tidal waves whenever natural disasters fall.
Mangrove plants can thrive in muddy area sharing border with the water area such as creeks, rivers and seaside. Naturally, mangrove plants stronghold the muddy plains with their complicated roots to protect the areas against landslides. Along the banks of rivers and creeks, the mangrove plants prevent silting in the water. As such, all the people should protect the mangrove plants valuable for the society.

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