Extremist terrorism on the rise!

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Cars torched by extremist terrorists. Photo: State Counsellor Office Information Committee

As the extremist terrorists were committing arson, mine and terrorist attacks against villages, security posts and Buddhist monasteries and butchering innocent people in Maungtaw area the whole day on 26 August, security forces have been launching operations to stabilize and control the area, according to the news release issued by the Information Committee of the State Counsellor Office yesterday morning.
About 50 extremist terrorists attacked members of security force with small arms from the edge of a mangrove forest about 70 yards away at 9.20 am on 26 August. The security members who joined forces with their counterparts in Kyunpaukpyusu-chaungwa outpost of area 4 in Maungtaw Township from Kyaukchaung outpost were on their way back from Htanchaung-chaungwa outpost where they took their rations. The security forces arrived back at Kyunpaukpyusu-chaungwa outpost after fighting back and clearing off the extremist terrorists.
At that time, about 300 extremist terrorists from Phetleikpyin and Zeebinchaung-myauk villages of Kyunpaukpyusu village-tract were approaching the outpost and were reaching at a place just 500 yards from it. Hence security forces fired back and halted them. Security forces from the Tatmadaw joined forces with the Kyunpaukpyusu-chaungwa outpost shot back the extremist terrorists with small arms. The extremist terrorists retreated.
While security forces were conducting area clearance operations at 9.30 am on 26 August, extremist terrorists attacked their truck with a directional mine near Nwayontaung village. So the security forces fought back and cleared them off.
About 300 extremist terrorists armed with sticks and knives besieged Kyunpaukpyusu-chaungwa outpost of area 4, Maungtaw Township at 10.20 am. Hence Ngaman gunboat of the fleet of Tatmadaw vessels at POE gate of Maungtaw rushed to the area as reinforcement.
About 20 ethnic Dienet people of Yanka-zaydi village, area 2 of Maungtaw Township, at 2.30 pm went to Aungzan ethnic village to stay there. But they were attacked by nearly 100 extremist terrorists from Kyaukdoe village armed with sticks and knives when they reached the place near the entrance bridge of the village. Only U Maung Ba Sein (28) escaped the attack. He informed the Aungthabye area office about the attack, saying that he had no idea how many of the persons who were left behind were killed or still alive.

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Cars torched by extremist terrorists. Photo: State Counsellor Office Information Committee

Seventeen improvised mines planted by extremist terrorists exploded at Zinpaingnya junction and its surrounding areas of the area 6 in Maungtaw Township from 2.45 pm to 4.42 pm on 26 August. Two home-made bombs were blown up during the time between 4.40 pm and 4.55 pm at Kyaukhlayga village. At 5.20 pm, extremist terrorists burnt down Natchaung outpost. At 5 pm, about seven extremist terrorists in two groups came and attacked about 370 students of Nantthataung Parahita monastic education school who were at the high school of Taungpyoletwei sub-township. But when Tatmadaw columns fought back extremist terrorists fled, leaving behind two dead bodies.
Meanwhile, security forces pursued and cleared off four masked extremist terrorists at Wapeik village near outpost No 4 of the No 1 border guard police force HQ. At 5.33 pm, extremist terrorists launched hit-and-run grenade attack on Zinpaingnya outpost. Security forces had to clear the mines planted by extremist terrorists near the outpost at 5.35 pm.
At 5.45 pm, extremist terrorists torched their own homes in Zinpaingnya village and fled. Ten minutes later, they prepared to attack a police outposts followed by an exchange of gunfire between the two sides at 6.05 pm. Security forces had to returned the fire and cleared the extremist terrorists off as they started attacking Gawduthara outpost at 6.17 pm. A mine planted by extremist terrorists exploded at 7.15 pm at Pyathat outpost. One minute later, extremist terrorists burnt down the temporarily abandoned Gatkyein outpost. At the same time, extremist terrorists and security forces exchanged fire on the road between Laundon and Kyeinchaung villages.
Extremist terrorists burnt down 42 houses, 13 shops and a village monastery at Nanthantaung village, Kuntheebin village-tract, Maungtaw Township at 7.30 pm on 26 August. Ethnic people of the village are now taking refuge at Taungpyo-letwei high school. At 8.25 pm, a home-made mine exploded at Kyaukhklayga village 50 yards from Pyinphyu outpost. Eight minutes later, security forces while conducting area clearance operations found about 10 extremist terrorists. When the security forces pursued them, they fled after burning down their five homes. At 8.45 pm, another home-made bomb exploded near Gawlidula village. As the extremist terrorists from Gawduthara village were moving towards the fence of Pyinphyu area office at 9.45 pm security forces were taking security measures with full combat readiness.
The extremist terrorists while using broadly home-made bombs in committing terrorist acts were besieging the minority ethnic villages with mobs holding, sticks, knives and guns. So the security forces have to launch area clearance operations. The extremist terrorists are murdering village administers who are also Muslims like them while using battery-ignited launcher-like guns in committing terrorist acts.
The extremist terrorists committed their terrorist attacks in parallel with the release of the final report of the Advisory Commission on Rakhine State and the date of the UN meetings that is drawing nearer. Moreover, they chose 25th August (Friday) as their launching date.
As the Central Committee for Counter Terrorism has already declared them as a terrorist group, any supporter or helper shall also be branded as terrorist. —Myanmar News Agency

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Equipment left behind by terrorists.
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