Farmers observe thriving paddy plantations on model plot


Farmland reclamation was carried out on vacant land in Gangaw Township, Magway Region, with the use of heavy machinery. In the 2014 monsoon, Hsinthukha and Yadana Toe paddy strains were grown on 150 acres of land.
The Vietnamese Palethwe paddy strain, and Hsinthukha and Namathale paddy strains are being cultivated as quality paddy plantations on field No 32 in Taungkhayan Village under the arrangement of the Township Agriculture Department. The Vietnamese Palethwe paddy strain was harvested recently and yielded 208.38 baskets of paddy per acre.
The township agricultural coordination committee and local farmers held a meeting in Taungkhayan Village for focusing on cultivation of high-yield paddy strains and use of quality paddy species.
District Deputy Commissioner U Maung Maung Zin, Township Administrator U Hla Win Aung and officials viewed thriving Hsinthukha and Yadanator paddy plantations on 30 acres of farmlands of U San Shar of the village.
District IPRD

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