Federal Union Party (FUP) presents its policy, stance and work programmes

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Federal Union Party (FUP) Vice-Chairperson Sao Tha Oo presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes as follows:

I would like to send loving-kindness to all 135 ethnic groups who are residing in both hilly and plain regions of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
I am Sao Tha Oo, Vice-Chairperson of Federal Union Party (FUP). Our party was founded in 2013 and officially approved as a political party on 24-12-2013.
Our party is a distinctive party for the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. We were not formed with individual persons but created by representatives who had resigned from their former ethnic political parties. Our party is remarkable because resigned representatives of ethnic political parties combined it. All ethnic people across the country can be the members of our party.
It is not wrong if it is said that our party is remarkable because it is a party that revitalizes the word ‘federal’ which has been discarded in Myanmar since 1962. Federal does not mean ‘separation’, but it is a system that prevents ‘separation’. The purpose of establishing our party is to build understanding among nationalities.
Though the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is sandwiched between two larger countries, it is not a large country. Local ethnic groups are residing in different geographical locations, including the hilly regions and plain areas. Despite different other traditions, languages, faiths, culture, literature and customs, the nationalities are living in unison with weal and woe since thousands of years ago.
Naturally, cracks and reactions may appear if we would transform the diverse people from different locations within one boundary into one ideology. We believe that making the group with equal interests can lead eternal unity, and the success of the agreement depends on enacting laws, ruling, justice, and sharing natural resources that are non-discriminated among the different ethnicities.
Our party, depending on three laws of the world — liberty, justice and equality — is making every effort for our country to become a peaceful and prosperous Union.
As an ethnic-based party, we always take priority over ethnic affairs. One of the central policies of our party is to preserve the identities of small ethnic groups. Moreover, our party is taking the path that avoids the two extremes of chauvinism and racialism so that large ethnic groups can notice the fact and take care of smaller ethnic groups.
Foreign policy is also crucial for our party. We shall establish a long-term relationship with two powerful neighbouring countries, for the sake of the Union.
In the economic sector, it is vital only to export the finished goods of local produce, including natural resources from all regions and states. For that, youths will be sent to different places within the country and abroad to study higher education and technology. We shall create fair competition in the market economy. We shall enact laws, by-laws, and infrastructure to support local and foreign investors in a long-term manner.
We shall promote the agricultural sector, which is the backbone of the country, accordingly with the laws. We shall build modern technological universities and enhance farming inputs, and create standardized factories for the growth of local production. We shall make efforts to stop illegally confiscated farmlands and to return the seized farmlands to the farmers.
In the forestry and livestock sector, we shall prevent illegal wood production by practising the system that grows ten more trees after cutting each plant. We shall upgrade unsystematic self-scale breeding into systematically commercial breeding, and facilitate in exporting only finished products of forestry and livestock.
We shall promote the health and education sectors step by step from the basis. We shall make efforts for the State to take responsibility for food security that is threatening to grassroots days to days. We shall set up standardized laboratories for testing food, as fast as possible, in the capitals and cities of the regions and states so that food security can be strictly controlled to promote the health of the public. Thereby, we shall nurture international standard health professionals and construct hospitals with full facilities.
We shall strive to provide free healthcare and education to government employees and labourers. Staff and their families shall get free healthcare and education at designated hospitals and schools. The government shall bear education and healthcare expenses abroad if needed for them. Accommodation, according to their ranks, shall be provided for those who are going to retire for their future convenience. We shall also provide other facilities such as food rations, uniforms and staff housing. However, if corruption among civil servants and staff occurs, they shall be severely taken actions and charged.
We shall prioritize for the rights of women, and young government employees and labourers. We shall establish a culture that gives priority to those who are excellent and qualified than others.
Our party will approach every issue depending on equal rights of all ethnicities residing in all parts of the country so that we shall achieve peace through faith, respect and unity. If the nation is peaceful, a Federal Democratic Union that can guarantee the fundamental human rights of all citizens will emerge.
That’s why we would like to request you to vote for the FUP as it will become like leverage in the establishment of a Federal Democratic Union. We shall bring justice and peace for smaller ethnic groups, and respect individual freedom and rights based on three laws of the world — liberty, justice and equality.
I wish all ethnic brethren in the country be free from Three Calamities and Five Enemies and can choose real politics and the right candidates in the General Election.

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