Fine arts in own perspective are no products


Fine arts transcend mere products, eschewing representation of specific entities, yet they inherently find dedication to something and someone. It is in this symbiotic devotion that artistic endeavours truly flourish, attaining timeless masterwork status.
Creating a nurturing environment is essential for fine arts to flourish. Much like expansive pastures for livestock, artists require ample room for creativity to thrive. Stifled within confined boundaries, true artistic brilliance falters. Hence, artistic works should resonate across all spheres of existence. Consider the engagement of art with the realm of politics. Politics embodies authentic dynamism, with politicians often lacking mental and behavioural constancy. While artistic works can depict the essence of political nature for the people, they should refrain from depicting transient political actions. The fluctuating nature of politicians precludes stable representation.
In the universe, art intersects with all that emerges, be it spontaneous or intended. However, fine arts must resist external influences and interferences. Artists must diligently compartmentalize their emotions from their creations. These artworks must emanate from the very soul of the creators, devoid of imposed hues.
While devoid of literal colours, artistic works bear intrinsic representations. Artists remain intertwined with the contemporary world, presenting perspectives for diverse audiences. However, these viewpoints must radiate artistic essence, not the artiste’s identity. Every facet of life intertwines with artistic expression. Artists, though, should refrain from personal emotional displays: be it political ideology, economic metrics, military strategy, or societal dilemmas. Failing this separation, the authenticity of their work diminishes, imperilling its endurance. Authentic works straddle a balance between universal resonance and over-representation.
Thus, the creation of authentic, creative, and colourless artistic works stands imperative. Such creations, simple and devoid of harm, can encompass myriad interpretations. An authentic work resonates universally, bridging the chasm between creator and observer, transcending eras as a perennial masterpiece — a point of reference and unparalleled brilliance.
In conclusion, fine arts defy being mere products, extending their allegiance to something greater than themselves. Nurtured expanses offer artists the canvas for genuine innovation. Political essence, sans transient actions, can be distilled into artistic expressions. Within the universe’s tapestry, art intertwines seamlessly, though it must remain impervious to external influences. Despite being bereft of literal colour, art still embodies multifaceted representations.
Yet, artistes must avoid entwining personal emotions into their creations. This is the fine line that separates enduring authenticity from temporal relevance. The creation of colourless yet resonant artistic pieces is paramount, capturing universal essence while maintaining simplicity and harmlessness. Such works, echoing creators and humanity alike, stand as eternal masterpieces transcending time.

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