Flower and Lover

pexels photo 462118At the moment of a tender embrace, here comes a blossom. I love flowers and would like to cherish them. I am terribly mad of watching her—like a mirror. I wish them not to be withered, only to be fresh and rejoiced forever. Moreover, I am worried of her being sun-burnt or even a tiny petal would fall down in a whirlwind during a rainstorm. In a cool and mild breeze, may its odour be subtle and fragrant, I wonder! These are secret words of heart that could hardly ever be known.
The days that I met her at random are being reminded. It was too lovely, too young. Her rounded staring eyes, I could never forget. Was she afraid of something? I could not be able to blame her for the unspoken words as I could manage to see her innate nature in her heart. Although I am not a grower of the flower-seed, I still was not a flower-plucker. A drop, a spill I like to pour…to exhilarate with the fragrance redolent and pleasant.
The bud has just blossomed alive in the changes of seasonal growth. Has she grown in a chance of logical and justified situation? Would she have encountered troubles sometimes in her life? Let a smile be on her face; imagination takes place in mine. “Humans are all the same,” it is said, but “breathings are not quite alike.” I am not fond of destroying the beauty. Not only for a while, I want her satisfied more and more. May she be pleased, I repeatedly whisper!
As I am well-experienced with the worldly nature, this day…it is an expected day. Here comes blossom. Oh, dear! Approach me so close. Youth, in other words…non-stop curious age: the time of learning. So love she is. With clear and bright eyes with eagerness, untiringly she asks and she asks … And explain as long as she could listen. I am afraid if she would feel tired a bit. I would like to console her to be happy in my love, deep and sincere, willingly I desire. Tender touch of wind conveys its sweet scent enchanted, competing smiles are endless. I am cordially and gently welcoming the flower’s delicate approach.

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