Government steps up nutrition programme efforts

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Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, right, at a gathering yesterday at Sanpyagyi village, Pakokku, where she spoke of the importance of a nationwide nutrition programme. Photo: Kyaw Zeya (MNA)

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has called for conducting a survey to collect data on nutrition in order to effectively carry out a national nutrition strategy in the country.
Speaking at the Cross-Ministry co-ordination meeting on national nutrition strategy held at the Pyitharyar Hall in Pakokku, Magway Region yesterday, the State Counsellor urged the ministries and departments taking part in the nutrition programme to take the opinions of the people about the programme into consideration so as to achieve success in the drive.
In performing educative tasks, the target cannot be reached as expected if it is one-sided. It needs to give due regard to our citizens so that we can perform the progress of the citizens effectively. And, in implementing the tasks, systems suitable to the regions need to be utilized, she added.
“The programme to provide nutritious food is a part of the process of our country’s development,” she said, adding that supplying sufficient nutrition to children is largely concerned with the situation of parents.
She has also urged fathers to get involved in the programme, as the nutrition of children and mothers is closely tied to that of the fathers.
The State Counsellor also stressed the need to hold such meetings frequently so as to be able to decide which types of projects need to be implemented, as no research work has been found on nutrition in the country.
Afterward, Union Ministers Dr Aung Thu, Dr Myo Thein Gyi, Dr Myint Htwe, Dr Win Myat Aye and Chief Ministers Dr Aung Moe Nyo, Dr Zaw Myint Maung and allied organizations clarified further processes to be implemented on nutrition in the years to come.
State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi also visited Sanpyagyi village in Pakokku township and attended an event in the monastery that explained to pregnant women the importance of supplying nutritious food to infants under 2 years of age, and also inspected exhibits on nutrition for expectant mothers and infants.
During the visit, the State Counsellor met with expectant mothers and members of an international microfinance banking service organisation, enquiring about education and health in the region.
She visited houses of expectant mothers and infants under two, asking about education and health matters.
At the meeting with mothers and local peoples, she clarified that nutrition is meant for the life-long period of a child.
Most regard bringing up children as a mother’s duty. In fact, every member of the family is responsible for the development of the health of the family. Only if parents are conscientious will offspring be brought up with conscientiousness, she said.
According to the records of the research work, any child under two has higher development of the brain if they are supplied with nutritious food.
“As for the government as well, it is responsible for giving support to families, likewise parents. It is the responsibility of the people to utilise government assistance in the most effective manner,” said the State Counsellor.
She also called for every family member to take part in the effort for the development of a family, saying that it is of great importance to feed nutritious food from conception in mother’s womb up to the age of two years, for the mental and physical development of a child.
Moreover, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said their government cannot even be said to be at the neonatal stage. However, they are not hesitant to do their work. She said they will exert efforts to the satisfaction of everybody. She also made a request, saying, the people say what should be said, and also do what should be done,. But people should also be patient when they should be and they should not exercise patience where they should not be. If they are too patient, the Chief Minister will feel bored. You’re all requested to push him where relevant and provide assistance to us.”
She went on to say that he became the Chief Minister as people elected him and they, the people, therefore, have the right to push him to work hard.—Myanmar News Agency

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