Government’s actions were within the law

  • Tha Sein
  • The deadly attacks in Rakhine State witnessed a surge of fabricated news and invented stories made by those who are hell-bent on committing high-handed and arbitrary practices through the mass media. In order to formulate a necessary response, the Investigation Commission on Rakhine State was tasked to investigate the true situation at the ground level regarding the atrocities and take necessary measures to meet the special needs of both communities in distress. The commission was able to convince the public that it is taking the task seriously by conducting a full and proper investigation into the events after concluding its first field trip to the region.
    Looking into what is a bone of contention, the commission said the truth about the violent attacks is being uncovered, commenting that the attackers took their time, planning the deadly ambushes since 2012. It added that recent conflicts were different from previous ones which were in the form of communal strife which had erupted between the two communities; that the recent ones were conspired to harm the national sovereignty of the country as they were found to be linked with overseas organizations.
    Contrary to what was said to have happened in the region that had quashed any hope of a quick end to the conflicts, former UN Secretary General Kofi Anan who led the commission said the claims of “genocide” being bandied about internationally were unfounded. The comment of Mr. Kofi Anan has changed the international community’s reading of the handling of the conflicts.
    In the context of both previous and recent conflicts between the two communities, this may pose a challenge for the government, though such a scenario looks remote in the immediate future, for the region has long suffered alarming levels of violence, in part because of a crushing economic crisis.
    At a time when violence remains an all-pervasive worry for both communities, with frequent ambushes on security personnel still erupting, people should not read too much into how the government had responded and the measures it had taken to bring the situation back to normal. It is abundantly clear to everyone that all its actions were within the law.

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