Homemade mine makers arrested in South Okkalapa

On 5 September, while patrolling the streets, security forces arrested Kyaw Ko Lin (a) AJ and Sai Paing Soe Naung (a) Mawi with PVC pipe and four homemade mines connected to a keypad phone in their car at the corner of Pinya road and Bramaso road, ward (5), in South Okkalapa Township.
Following the confession of Kyaw Ko Lin, security forces searched house number 31A, on Masoeyein street, ward (5) in Mayangon township on 8 September, and arrested Win Ko Aung, Htin Kyaw and Ei Phyu with 7 rounds of 9mm bullet, 7 rounds of .22 bullet, 1 grenade fuse and other related materials.
According to the confession of the detainees, Win Htut Thaw Tar (a) E Toe was arrested at house number (9), Nawaday road, ward (7) in Mayangon Township.
Kyaw Ko Lin (a) AJ, Sai Paing Soe Naung (a) Mawi, and remaining suspects, Mary Yan, Aung Myint Myat (a) Kabyar, Thant Zin (a) Kywal Gyi, Htet Wai Yan Min Lwin (a) Yoe Yoe, reportedly attended terrorist training courses held by TNLA Brigade (6) and TNLA group, through the connection of Htar Htet Htet.
On 4 September, AJ and Mawi held a Zoom Meeting with the remaining suspects, Nay Shoon Ko (a) James, Mary Yan, Tiron and Aung Ye (a) Poe U to discuss destroying CCTV at traffic lights to prevent the perpetrators from being identified.
E Toe revealed that he transported four men to a Palaung village on the Nawnghkio-Mogok road to attend the terrorist training course at TNLA by his car in May. He also sent letters of recommendation for disaster management plans via Signal to the NUG group through Pyo Ze Ya Thaw from the NLD party (Former Zabuthiri Township Pyithu Hluttaw Representative in 2015).
Sai Paing Soe Naung (a) Mawi revealed that he attended the terrorist training course and urban guerrilla course conducted online by NUG from 29 to 31 August, together with other 6 trainees.
Ei Phyu revealed that she attended the bombing training held in Shin Mway Loon school compound in Thanlyin Township in April.

It is also learned that Htin Kyaw was in charge of the information team of ABSDF, and received 7 rounds of 9mm bullet, 7 rounds of .22 bullet and a fuse from Zarni (a) Saw Zarni Aung. AJ and Mawi revealed that they took four homemade time bombs sent from Mary Yan, who is still on the run.
Win Ko Aung, together with Ko Ko Maung and Nanda Sit Aung who were arrested in Thakayta township with explosives on 8 May, involved in producing homemade mines and mine explosion at the administration office in Thakayta Township.
The arrested terrorists will be taken effective action under the law and the people are requested to work together in the fight against terrorism in the country. It is also reported that those who report information about them will be kept confidential and rewarded covertly. —MNA

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