Honesty needs decent rules to survive

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By Myint Win Thein

When a new rule that nobody wants to obey is imposed on a society, it is sure to be breached by some people through various ways and means. Those who are accustomed to breaching rules and using dishonest means to avoid punishment will have no problem with the addition of one more regulation to disobey. They will tell lies and happily break the new rule without hesitation. For them, breaking the rules is second nature.
For naturally rule-abiding members of society there are two options. The first one is compliance with the rule, even if it appears unjust or illogical, and the second is disobedience. If they follow the new rule, it will burden them or limit their movements more strictly. If they break it, they will have to sacrifice their honesty, telling lies to avoid punishment by the authorities.
Therefore, what is really at risk in society is the honesty of some of its members. Eventually, their honesty may fall victim to the new rule which has no place in society. Enough space should be left for honesty in every society, since it is still the best policy.

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