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Importers instructed not to raise medicine prices

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The eighteenth Press Conference of the SAC Information Team is underway in Nay Pyi Taw on 26 July.

The authorities instructed the importers not to increase the medicine prices for the interests of the people, said an official of the Ministry of Health during the 18th press conference of the State Administration Council held on 26 June.
Currently, people are facing hardships as medicine prices are rising and some are out of stock in the market.
“The prices of medicines and medical supplies were high last week. It has risen about K500/1,000 per medicine. Some control the sale and the consumers have to buy the medicines under different brands with the same effectiveness,” said Daw Khin May Oo from South Okkalapa township.
Due to the unstable exchange rate recently, the prices of commodities including medicines are drastically on the rise.
“The people should think of themselves and other and sell the medicines at correct prices without increasing the prices in advance for the public. We urge you to control the medicines and distribute them to the people,” said Dr Than Soe Naing.
At the port, the medicines arrived and it cannot be proceeded for not having import licences and so the shortage problems occur and the prices become double in the market, said seller Ko Min.
Pharmaceutical companies can seek import licences if they can purchase the dollars on the over-the-counter market in their own ways, the Trade Department under the Ministry of Commerce announced recently.
“The large wholesales face shortages of medicine stocks. We, resellers also face hardships as we don’t have the medicines. We cannot set the prices. As the prices are not stable, we face losses even we purchase or sell. We are in dilemma for such two losses,” said Ko Min Thu.
The high exchange rate hit the imported product prices and the importers increase the prices of medicines and the medicines and medical supplies are out of stock in the market.
The government conducts proper arrangements to stabilize the commodity prices and the Public Health Department of the Health Ministry and Tatmadaw medics also proved medical treatment in the health sector, said Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun during the press conference.
“The rumours on medicines are spreading. The country produces basic essential medicines. They meet the quality of BPI and so the prices may be high like paracetamol and burmeton. Some are imported. They can get in large quantities but they are substandard medicines. We also inspect such cases,” he added. — TWA/GNLM

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