Investigation ongoing on baby deaths after receiving hepatitis B vaccine in Bago

AN investigation is underway to determine whether or not hepatitis B vaccines given to 28 infants are authentic and were legally imported and registered, said an investigation team of the Ministry of Health yesterday, adding that the vaccination to the babies is not associated with the ministry’s immunisation program.
The team led by Deputy Director-General Dr Htay Aung is also investigating whether or not there is a link between symptoms found in the infants and the vaccine, added the ministry.
The investigation came after deaths of two infants after receiving hepatitis B vaccine in Bago where 28 infants were given the vaccines, Engerix B and Hepavax B, bought from a pharmacy shop at Bago General Hospital.
Of 28 infants, two who are among the 14 discharged from the hospital died at their homes. The 12 infants were brought back to the hospital following the incident, and ten are being given intensive care at the hospital while the remaining two are being monitored at their homes.
While receiving care at the hospital, one of infants died on 7 March and four were transferred to Yankin Children Hospital as they are in critical condition as of 9 March.— Myanmar News Agency

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