Join hands to tackle today’s challenges

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  • With the development of information technology, the world is changing at a rapid pace. Countries, societies, and the information technology sector are co-evolving swiftly, and Myanmar is striving to keep pace with the changes. As we try not to lose sight of developments at home and abroad, to keep abreast of other nations, and to achieve peace, we are faced with some challenges.
    The spirit of unity and the collective strength of our ethnic brethren is sine qua non for overcoming the challenges ahead. We believe our people have the capacity to meet the challenges and build collective strength.
    Today, we are working to build a Union based on democracy and federalism. Only after we have established unity will we be able to ensure the everlasting dignity of our Union.
    With Union Spirit, we built First Empire of Myanmar. We must not forget the fact that we gained our independence with the spirit of unity.
    Today, we are working for internal peace and national reconciliation to build a Union based on democracy and federalism. Therefore, now is the time for all ethnic nationals to take lessons from undesirable experiences of the past and march forward with unity, collective strength, and to join hands for the emergence of a peaceful Union.
    National reconciliation is the foundation for peace in the Union. National reconciliation wholly depends on how well we incorporate different visions and attitudes in the dialogue process. It can never be implied that people with different views are wrong.
    Nothing is achieved easily. We haven’t enjoyed peace across the nation since the post-independence period. We are all aware of the battles taking place between and among us. We have the opportunity as well as the duty to achieve peace. We would like the people of the country to make use of this chance.
    Hence, the people of the country need to work strenuously and join hands with the government to overcome all the challenges we are facing.
    With collective strength, we can build a strong Union in our lifetime so that generations to come will be able to enjoy the fruits of our present efforts.
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