Kaman National Development Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Kaman National Development Party (Central) Vice-Chairman U Hla Toe presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 15 September.

Distinguished voters of the country

Nationalities of Myanmar, I wish you all auspiciousness (Mingalaba)!

I am U Hla Toe, Vice-Chairman of Kaman National Development Party (Central). We applied for party establishment in June 2010 and got the party registration on 5 July the same year. Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Bamar, Mon Rakhine and Shan are the well-known eight major ethnic nationalities of Myanmar. Still, Kaman, which is included in Rakhine ethnic race, is not a prominent people. Kamans are the people born and brought up in Rakhine State.
Kamans were brave archers serving under Rakhine Kings with loyalty, and it is proved by the documents compiled by prominent Rakhine monks. As they are included in the nationalities, Kaman people took part in the country’s political affairs with might and main during the pre-War and post-War periods. The Kaman National League for Democracy was set up, and it took part in the 1990 election. A candidate of the party was elected in the election, but the person could not attend the parliament as the law-making body could not be formed for various reasons. Kaman National Development Party took part in the six constitutions in Rakhine State during the 2010 election. Our candidates stood for the 2015 election in constituencies in Yangon Region and Rakhine State. We have nominated our candidates to stand for the election in three constituencies in Yangon Region and one each in Rakhine State and Thandwe constituencies.

Esteemed people
Although our party is for the development of a specific nationality, we welcome the participation of any citizen. Every entitled person can apply for the party membership. We have no prescription that every member must be a Kaman. Our vision is the election of MPs who can correctly steer the government and the legislative pillar at the 2020 election for shaping a better future as the emergence of an excellent administrative system free from corruption and egocentrism and the government that will realize the public wishes is of vital importance. Every ballot is essential for the election of MPs who can push the country towards realizing the public aspirations.
So, voters must correctly choose a candidate who will actually serve the interest of the State and the people precisely. Wrong choices may put us more profound in the hardships. Our candidates will serve the interest of the State and the community with goodwill to the possible degree within the legal framework. We will make not impossible promises or lies just to win public votes.
Kaman people have no narrow racism outlook. We will help solve the problems of the people of the entire country, including those of our region and community. If elected, we will ensure regional development and equality and solve the problems of the residents of townships who place trust in us. We will be able to do this job, only if we are elected. Moreover, we will take part with might and main for the successful amendment of the 2008 Constitution. So, every elected member of our party will render a helping hand, within the legal framework, in building a country based on the genuine federal system per the aspiration of the entire people. And in the parliament, our representatives will stand by the minority and will be the ardent supporters of the democratic State.
We promise full rights for workers, farmers, grassroots and the marginalized people within the scope of democracy under the Constitution and a compelling drive against racial, religious and gender discrimination. So, we suggest voters be careful in weighing the moral conducts, and behaviour and honesty of a candidate in casting their precious vote. It is our goodwill for the voters. Our candidates will never exaggerate their promises. Our promises will be within our capacity and the legal framework.

Dear voters, we would present our policy as follows:
1. Utmost efforts for the non-disintegration of Union, non-disintegration of national solidarity and perpetuation of sovereignty and the emergence of a new modern federal-based democracy State, where human rights are respected, in the future through the involvement of all the people of the Union and parties with cardinal values as the foundation.
2. Oppose any form of terrorism or extremism
3. Participation at the establishing cordial relations with global countries including the neighbours based on unwavering non-alignment policy
4. Endeavours for all-round development of the entire country
5. Terminate visions and ideas, which are against the interest of the Myanmar society, through awareness campaigns.

Soon, people will have to choose the MPs. The power to choose the leader is a part of democracy. So correctness in selecting the candidate is of vital importance. People should give, at least a little time, to study politics. They should value their vote in all seriousness. A decision should be made only after assessing the physical and mental ability of the chosen candidate.
Voters should consider the consequences of their failure to place importance on the matter or to make the correct choice. Voters are the people who will have to shape the nation’s future.

Esteemed people
If our candidates get the full public support, they will become the MPS, and if they become MPs that will prove their words with the deeds. Five candidates of our party, which is an ethnic party, will take part in the election one each in the Yangon Region constituency 1 and 2 in Mingala Taungnyunt Township and constituency 1 in Mayangon Township, and Thandwe Township constituency 1 of the People’s Assembly and Rakhine State constituency 1 in Thandwe Township. Our party’s symbol is shown here.
May the voters elect our candidates who will serve the interest of the people. I wish health and happiness for all the nationalities, and with this, I conclude.
Thank you.

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